Reach Automotive makes tracking your dealership's website metrics easier than ever with one tool to connect all of your analytics data.

Analytics Hub

Reach Automotive combines data from multiple sources to provide a simple, one-stop data hub to view all of your site’s digital marketing analytics. No more frequently accessing or navigating various data tracking tools.

Real Time Data

Access your Reach Automotive site any time to view the most up-to-date information available. We collect your dealership’s data daily, so you can stay informed to make decisions day or night.

View Anywhere

Reach Automotive is designed just as well for mobile use as it is for your desktop. View your website metrics anywhere you can get online.


Reach Automotive offers you the ability to customize the data we collect. Viewing your website traffic, leads, calls, VDPs, and more has never been easier. Contact us for details about what data we can connect for your dealership.

Historical Data

Need to know what your site’s bounce rate was last month? No problem. We collect your historical data and store it for referencing at a later time, simply select the month or year you would like to view.

Multiple Users

Maintain control of who can access your Reach Automotive site. Allow your marketing team, internet sales manager, or other administrators view your dealership’s Reach site.

View Multiple Dealerships with Group View

Have you been looking for a single dashboard to view and compare your key metrics across multiple websites? Reach Automotive's Group View can help.

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Compare Your Dealerships

With Group View, you are able to compare the performance of all your dealership websites across dozens of metrics. Compare your current month-to-date values against the same value from last month and the same month from the previous year — as well as 12 months of historical trend data.

Organize Your Metrics

Want to see your high-volume dealership metrics separate from your luxury dealerships? No problem. Your Reach Dashboard can group your dealerships into smaller subsets so you’re comparing apples to apples. Want to compare stores by region, sales volume, or brand? Want to toggle between all three? We can customize that view for you, too!

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Let Us Help You Reach Your Marketing Goals

Reach Automotive brings your dealership's data together from multiple sources, organizes it into easy-to-read widgets that deliver quick month-over-month and year-over-year comparisons, with historical trends just a click away. It allows you to compare any metric across all your dealerships in a single chart and allows you to rank those dealers’ performance high to low, or low to high. It all comes to you in a single dashboard that’s as easy to use on your phone as it is on your desktop.

Contact our sales team today. Let's get your dealership started with Reach Automotive.

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