Change or reset another user’s password

This article will go over how you can change or reset another user’s password.

This action requires ‘Dealer Admin’ permission. Contact your dealer administrator if you need help.

Login and navigate to your Reach user menu

As a Dealer Admin, you will have the option to “Manage Users”. Select that option. If you do not see this link, please contact your dealer administrator for help.

Review the Reach users for your dealership

The user list will show you both viewers and dealer admins for your Reach site. To make edits to a particular user, including yourself, hover over the user and select “Edit”.

Edit user profile, role, email, or password

Scroll down to the “Name” section in the user’s profile. This area includes fields for updating a user’s role, name, nickname, display name, email and password. Usernames are stored at the Reach administrator level and cannot be changed from user levels. If you need help updating a username, please contact us.

Dealer admins can send a user a link to reset their password to their email saved in their profile. Or dealer admins can force set a new password manually.

Make the desired changes and click “Update User” at the bottom of the page.