Navigate your Reach Dashboard

This article will cover some key items in your Dashboard for navigation.

Find the main menu, menu section items, and dealership selection

Your main menu is to the left side of your browser in desktop view (top of browser in mobile view). You can toggle the view by selecting the “Menu” button. If you have access to other dealerships, you can select them from the drop down menu next to the main menu button.

Main menu items will be listed below. If the menu item has submenu sections, they can viewed by clicking the menu item or “…” button.

View historical data

If you dealership has historical data, you can view previous months, quarters, or years by clicking the date in the top right of your Reach Dashboard.

Logout and other user menu items

To logout, click the user icon at the top right of your Reach Dashboard to view the user menu. If your account has Dealer Admin permissions, you can also “Manage Users” as well. To see more about managing users, please view our help desk section: Manage Other Users.